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Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning Method & Equipment

Air Duct Cleaning


The most effective and efficient way to clean an HVAC system is by using the “Push-Pull” method or referred as negative air. This is the method we use to clean an HVAC system. 


Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning has the Most Powerful Gas Portable Air Duct Cleaning Machine in the world. Meanwhile, our high powered gas air compressor delivers 200 psi to breakup and push the contaminants into our air duct cleaning machine. 

Agitate & Push

An air line is connected to the gas air compressor, rods are connected to the air line, and agitation tools like whips are attached to the rods. These rods travel throughout all of the ductwork with agitation tools cleaning. 

Pull & Suction

The strongest gas portable air duct cleaning machine in the world is used in almost every home. It has a 31HP Van Guard motor that generates more than 7,000+ C.F.M & has 12-24 inches of static lift. 

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Cleaning Chemistry

A minimum of 4,000 C.F.M (Cubic Feet per Minute) of negative air suction is needed to extract loosened contaminants. Equally important, the gas air compressor’s power to agitate and push the contaminants into an air duct machine. As for a gas air compressor the specs that should be looked at is a minimum of 175 psi with 24 cfm.

Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning Processair duct cleaning

Process, Process, Process!

The process is broken down step-by-step in efforts to be totally transparent. The picture above is a collage put together to provide visuals of what exactly we do.

Take a tour of your home to allocate, count all the air ducts, and inspect the system. If an issue is detected by technician that prohibits or contradicts the cleaning, our job is to inform the client and make a moral recommendation. Given that the HVAC system checks out, we began to set-up!

Step 1

“Setting Up”

  • Place corner guards where the duct hose or air line may rub against. If front door access is necessary a Seal-A-Door is put in place. If needed, roll out rugs are used to protect floors.

  • Seal most of your air ducts to maximize the strength of the negative air suction. In some cases, there are a few ducts/vents left unsealed because we don’t want to collapse the duct work.

  • The duct hose that connects to the air duct cleaning machine is carefully taken to where the furnace is located.

  • One 8-10″ inch hole is cut on each side of the system. 

  • Protect the furnace by placing an upholstered cushion and a memory foam mat through the 8-10″ inch hole cut above the plenum. Furthermore, the cushion and mat lay over the A-Coil or heat exchangers. This also helps from the blower spinning backwards and to block off the other side of the HVAC system.

  • Connect our duct hose to the 8-10″ inch access hole. 

  • Turn on our air duct cleaning machine.

  • Airlines are ran from our gas air compressor to the furthest point of a home. Rods are attached to the air line and they’re used as a tool to travel through ductwork.

  • Technician’s will have attachment tools that connect to the end of the rod. These tools are to agitate and push contaminants to the air duct machine.

Step 2

“The Cleaning”

  • Each individual vent is cleaned using a whip and forward skipper ball. Contaminants are loosened and pushed to main trunklines. 

  •  Multiple 1 inch hole’s are created with a step-bit to access trunklines. Rods are taken in the hole and down the trunkline to agitate with whips. At this point, our air duct cleaning machine is collecting the contaminants. 

  • We detach the duct hose and clean the grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, fan motor, and blower. 

Step 3

“The Clean-Up”

  • One inch duct caps/plugs are used to seal the one inch holes cut.

  • The mat placed to protect furnace in the plenum is vacuumed and taken out. Coil bracket is vacuumed and the coil.

  • J-Pan/drip pan & blower pan are vacuumed.

  • A 10×10 24 gauge duct plates are used to cover the 8-10″ inch holes. Premium Foil UL Listed HVAC Duct Tape is used to seal the duct plate over the 8-10″ inch hole.

  • The furnace panels are put back. The system is turned on before leaving to make sure everything is properly working.

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