Air Duct Cleaning Scammers

air duct cleaning scammers

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Who Are Air Duct Cleaning Scammers?

For instance, have you ever looked in your mailbox and seen a coupon for “air duct cleaning $149 or $199 whole house special?” Furthermore, maybe you were scrolling through Facebook and seen an advertisement similar to the coupon you received in the mail with an awesome price. In addition, you seen some great before and after pictures that make you believe for a $149 or $199 your duct work will be cleaned and look just like these pictures. Lastly, you call around town only to find other air duct cleaning companies are charging way more money. 

First, an air duct cleaning scam is when you pay someone to correctly clean your HVAC system and they didn’t! You may be asking yourself or others “How do I know if they cleaned my air ducts correctly?”

Well, here are a few questions to think about:

  1. How long did they take to clean my air ducts?

  2. What type of equipment did they use?

  3. Where is this company located?

  4. Did they show me before and after pictures of my air ducts?

  5. Did they explain how they were going to clean my system?

Second, pay close attention to the picture above, in the top middle. This was sent to our business on Facebook from who we believe not to reside in our Country. Equally important, he’s trying to persuade us to buy leads from him. Now let’s put 2 and 2 together to equal 4, these lead generators are booking  jobs and selling them. We’re not sure they honestly care who’s buying them or if your air ducts are being cleaned correctly. As a matter of fact, some of the before and after pictures are pictures that we have taken on jobs here at Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning. Also, notice when we didn’t respond, but it says now “You cannot reply to this conversation,” this person blocked us. 

A few things to be aware about air duct cleaning scammers:

  • Low prices

  • Private messaging on social media

  • Personal texting

  • No website

  • No reviews or bad reviews 

In conclusion, there’s no way to completely stop people from scamming or being con artist. In all reality, scamming is in almost every industry, but this one particularly strong. After all, a home owner most of the time doesn’t know much about air duct cleaning or if their HVAC system was cleaned correctly. In the end, they only compare cost to cost from company to company and think they received the best deal. Low prices should be a red flag for air duct cleaning scammers. 

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Do Your Research!

In short, air duct cleaning is anything, but simple and, quick! You need to right “tools & equipment” to correctly clean air ducts. For an example,  Google “The best method to clean air ducts” if you’re not knowledgable.

Things you should do before hiring a Professional air duct cleaning company:

  • Compare equipment to cost

  • Read reviews (Difference between just a 5 star rating and a 5 star rating with feedback)

  • Ask questions, ask question, and ask more questions

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