How Much Does an Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

According to, the National average air duct cleaning cost is between $450-$1,600.

duct cleaning cost?

Commercial & Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Cost

First, based on the year your home was built will determine how we calculate the cost of an HVAC cleaning. Homes that were built in the 1950’s and before we charge by the square foot. Homes that were built in the 1960’s and beyond are charged by how many cold air returns/intakes & supply registers there are.  

Secondly, the challenge to set-up and clean is taken in consideration, but the price doesn’t change no matter how dirty the air ducts are. We are there to clean dirty ducts! 

Finally, if you have more than one furnace, multiple zones, or additional trunk lines the price will increase. Everything is cleaned including some of the furnace components.

In conclusion, after a thorough inspection we communicate if there’s a change in the price before the air duct cleaning is performed. Our goal is to give you the BEST air duct cleaning possible at a REASONABLE cost!

Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning Price Glide

In the case that a home was built in the 50’s or before we have 3 levels ranging from $.35-$0.45 cents a square foot. Furthermore, a home between 1,000-1,499 square feet is $.45 cents a square foot. In addition, a home between 1,500-1,999 square feet is $.40 cent a square foot. Lastly, a home between 2,000 and beyond is $.35 cents a square foot.

Now, if a home was built in the 60’s and beyond we have a base charge of $425. What this base charge includes is the first 10 ducts, one main trunk line zone, and we clean some components of the furnace. Additional air ducts after the first 10 are at a cost of $20 dollars.

Lastly, each zone in $50 additional. The cost of an additional trunk line will vary by its size, so between $50-$75. An additional furnace is $300.

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FREE Duct Cleaning Inspection/Estimate?

Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning offers a “Free Inspection/Estimate.” There’s no hidden charge or cost for this offer. Having 10+ years of experience cleaning HVAC systems we can give you a good ball park on a price over the phone or via email. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we can be a little off on the estimate, but we maintain our morals. What we mean by maintaining morals is if we arrive on-site and you have less ducts or the square footage included an unfinished basement on your estimate, we will reduce the cost.

Furthermore, you have the option to take advantage of a FREE inspection. This is where we find a time & date to come to your home and inspect your HVAC system. There’s just one catch for the Free inspection, you must live in a 25 minute radius. There are certain exceptions that we will make to travel beyond the 25 minute radius, it doesn’t hurt to ask. An On-site inspection we will see if the system needs to be cleaned and check for any potential issues.

An (HVAC) trunk line is in comparison to a tree, a tree has branches, and (HVAC) trunk lines have air lines that branch off. Almost every system has one zone which consist of a main trunk line for each side of the system. Anything more than one zone is an additional charge. It’s really hard to explain in email or over the phone.

Lastly, the most people will ask for an estimate over the phone or via email. Once we arrive on the day the job is scheduled for we then ask for a tour to allocate, recount, and inspect the system before we start cleaning.

There’s not a One Size Fits All Pricing Glide

Every HVAC system in every home is different! At the same time, most homes are not the same size. There are some homes similar in size with totally different Heating & Cooling systems. Some systems are really complex and some are simple. We try to price accordingly to the size of the system. The bigger the house, the bigger the system, as the same with a small or medium size home. It’s rare, but there are some small homes with a lot of ductwork. 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

We cannot offer a quote over the phone. At this point, we set-up an on-site estimate. Sometimes a commercial building will have roof top units, in-house units, or both. In most cases, we will need the blue prints/scope to price the cleaning. The cost can be determined by the linear square feet of the ductwork, square footage of building, a breakdown of everything. 

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