Not All Air Duct Cleaning is the Same!

Different air duct cleaning equipment

The is a picture of our equipment, Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning. Notably, there’s a watermark because there are so many scammers stealing pictures and using them to advertise.

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Different Duct Cleaning Equipment

In almost every service industry there are standards, but in every industry there’s persuasion about less expensive equipment, less powerful equipment that claims to do the same job. As a consumer, you may not know the differences in equipment, method, and techniques. It’s fair to assume it’s all the same and rationalize a decision to hire based on the cost. 

If you’re inquiring or have inquired with more than one air duct cleaning service, you’ve probably noticed a range of prices. Beyond price is the different duct cleaning equipment. This may be overwhelming and a little confusing to some because you just want your air ducts cleaned! Our question is, “do you want your HVAC system cleaned correctly?” 

As Professional Duct Cleaners we want you to know!

Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning wants you to know our objective in writing this is not to bash another company or their equipment. We feel it’s our job to inform and educate consumers the difference in cost, equipment, and method.

This is our opinion in order from worst to best of machines. The more power, the bigger the price. Powerful equipment isn’t cheap to buy, use, or hire a company with it. It’s that old saying, “Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.” 

Air Duct Cleaning Machines

Ram Air!

A powerful shop vac with a bucket, electric air compressor, a vent cover used to seal the boot of an air line/intake, and a reverse skipper ball. 


Rotobrush consist of two small electric motors that create a strong shop vac suction, 2 1/2 inch in diameter vac hose, and a brush attached at the end that goes down air lines/intakes.

 Electric Portable Air Duct Cleaning Machines

not all air duct cleaning is the same

These electric portables are the strongest in the world using 5,000 cfm of negative air suction. Although with an electric portable you are applying the “Push-Pull” method, it still needs the strength of 4,000 cfm or more. Most electric portables are unable to produce the power to clean correctly.

Gas Portable Air Duct Cleaning Machines

not all air duct cleaning is the same

You can’t go wrong with the power of a gas portable machine! Together with a gas air compressor, gas portables will do an amazing job.  Gas portable air duct cleaning machines are not only used on residential jobs, but commercial building’s too.

Duct Truck

professional air duct cleaningFinally, “Duct Trucks,” and it really doesn’t get any bigger or stronger than this! Together with a gas air compressor the job should get done right the first time. There’s no arguing that a duct truck has more cfm of negative air suction than all others, but it comes with a price. 

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment, Method & Process

Air duct cleaning equipment, method, and process go together like peanut butter & jelly. According to many reliable sources the “Push-Pull” method is the most efficient and effective when used with powerful equipment.

Ultimately, the company and technician who is performing the cleaning determines the equipment, method, and process. The bottomline is, you can have the most powerful equipment, but not use the right process and method. In the same way, you can use the the right process and method, but don’t have strong enough equipment. 

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