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Rodents in your air ducts

Mice and even rats may look adorable on tv or even in a pet store, but don’t let that fool you! In the wild, they are pests. Just like any pests, they can and will find a way into our homes! Though they are just trying to survive these harsh Michigan winters, it could cause some problems and even health issues. It only takes one rodent to find an entrance into your home and then its jackpot! One entry way is your air duct system. Over time they will continue to build their home and reproduce inside your air ducts. To protect you and our little rodent friends, get your ducts inspected and cleaned by Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning in Portland MI.

Any information provided will not be sold or used.
Any information provided will not be sold or used.


Barking News in Portland MI!

A dog is a mans best-friend! Our friends in Portland can agree that pets bring so much joy to our families, however, cleaning up after them is inevitable. Whether it’s the feces they dropped right in front of you or the collection of fur they leave throughout the house, someone’s gotta clean it. What about their accumulating mess you can’t see? This family in Portland had this same exact question and their suspicions were right!

Pets can negatively affect indoor air quality. Most pets shed some way or another and these microscopic particles become airborne. Over time dust and pet dander come together and get trapped in your home’s HVAC system. When your system starts up, it will blend these particles into the air you breathe. The unwanted mess can be extremely dangerous and even a health hazard. Things that are out of sight are usually out of mind which enables people to check their ducts every so often. According to the EPA, Duct cleaning reduces pet dander, dust, mold, and dirt from your air ducts.

This Family in Portland had never thought that having a pet would bring along this significant home maintenance.  Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning in Portland MI was honored to have the opPAWtunity to clean these ruff ducts. The difference is amazing and well worth it. Let’s give our technicians an appaws!

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