Common Duct Problems

Common Duct Problems

Air ducts are the pathways for cold and hot air to travel in. The majority of your air ducts are going to be sealed inside your walls so you might not give them much thought. However, ducts need proper care in order to function properly and provide comfort to you and your family. Ignoring common duct problems can result in an overworked HVAC or better yet, a broken one.

Most people assume that they are properly working, unless there is a noticeable difference in heating or cooling coming from the vents. But even if your HVAC system is effectively cooling or heating your home, those ducts still might have some issues. Below we list common duct problems you may be having.

Common duct problems:

  • Insufficient duct maintenance can result in leaks throughout your duct work. Even though your HVAC system is effectively cooling or heating your home, those ducts still might be leaking. This means that you are most likely paying more to heat or cool your home than you should be.  

  • Bad Design Yes, the layout of your duct system matters! Before having ducts installed, take some time to research. Every home is unique in its own way so pay close attention to every corner. Going through a company with a lot of experience can also provide a peace of mind. View their examples and experiences before deciding as well. An improperly designed duct system will be inefficient for heating and cooling.

  • Poorly sealed registers. If a seal is not so much sealed, this can lead to air being dispensed in areas you don’t want. Be sure to direct the heat and cool air in the rooms where it is necessary.

  • Improper insulation can cause the loss of heated or cooled air when your system is in use, creating inefficiency.

  • Dirt and debris. Air ducts need regular cleaning. A dirty air duct can distribute dust, pollutants, and germs around your home or business. A clean air duct can improve air quality and prevent allergies and breathing problems.

Every home is going to have common duct problems—it’s a fact of life. However, if you are finding that you are having to dust more frequently, just to keep your home clean, you might be able to attribute this to an issue with your ducts. Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning in Haslett, Okemos, East Lansing, Williamston, DeWitt, St. Johns, Laingsburg, Perry, Mason, Holt, Eaton Rapids, Dimondale, Lansing, or Grand Ledge, MI is here to assist you and your ducts in any way possible. We strive to provide our honest and professional services to you and your family. Call (517) 885-3000 to receive a free estimate on an air duct cleaning service.