How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

how much does air duct cleaning cost?

Residential & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

To start, according to, the National average air duct cleaning cost is between $450-$1,600.

First, here at Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning most likely the cost of an air duct cleaning will be determined by how many heat registers & cold air returns there are in a home. Secondly, the challenge to set-up and clean is taken in consideration, but the price doesn’t change no matter how dirty the HVAC system is, that’s the reason why we’re there! Finally, if you have more than one furnace or trunk line zone there will be additional costs. That in itself is really hard to explain over the phone or via email as many homeowners are not aware if their HVAC system has additional zones or what to look for. Are you still asking “How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?” Fill out a contact form below for your FREE estimate or call us at: (517) 885-3000 to set-up a FREE on-site estimate.

Any information provided will not be sold or used.
Any information provided will not be sold or used.

As a result of more work, it costs more money to clean the HVAC system. However, roughly 3 out 10 HVAC systems that we clean have an additional trunk line or an extra charge is applied. It’s not our plan nor intention to change the estimated price via email or by phone upon arrival. In some cases, the price is reduced because there are less air ducts or the challenge to set-up and clean was simple. In conclusion, after a thorough inspection we communicate if there’s a change in the price before the air duct cleaning is performed. Our goal is to give you the BEST air duct cleaning possible at a REASONABLE cost!


Good work is NOT cheap and cheap work is NOT good!

Have you seen advertisements for $49, $99, $199 air duct cleaning specials? Maybe you thought, “wow that’s an amazing deal!” Did you know not every air duct cleaning company cleans using the same method or equipment? This should raise questions! How can they afford to charge that cheap of a price, clean the HVAC system correctly, and still be in business? 

What’s even more challenging for us is seeing a company or person using our company before & after pictures on these advertisements. Some of these advertisements show two different air duct cleaning methods, sometimes three. Furthermore, they’re advertising equipment that don’t even exist, but people pay more attention to the price! Price has power and the ability to persuade that you’re are getting the same for less! 


Does it mean they’re a scam, If we’re being honest, no. It can be how you define scam as well, what you thought you were paying for, you didn’t get. Technically, a scam is where no work is done and they take your money. However, in every service industry we have standards, don’t we? 

This is YOUR home, ask yourself, “what is the reason I’m having my air ducts cleaned?” What is it you’re trying to accomplish by having your air ducts cleaned? Will it worth be paying a dime if it’s not done using the correct method and strong enough equipment that is required to correctly clean an HVAC system? Well, that’s totally up to you to determine, it’s your money.