How to Prepare for a Duct Cleaning During Covid-19

How to Prepare for a Duct Cleaning During Covid-19

If you are thinking about getting your air ducts cleaned in the near future, you may have certain concerns regarding how the cleaning service will take place considering the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Many homeowners are actually quite reluctant to let anyone in their home. They may also feel worried about what they should do or how to prepare for a duct cleaning during Covid-19. To help you overcome any stress this may cause, we have listed several tips and tricks on how to prepare your home during COVID-19.

Any information provided will not be sold or used.
Any information provided will not be sold or used.

#1. Give the Technicians Plenty of Space

It’s easy to roam around the technicians while they are performing the duct cleaning service, However, during these times it may be a better idea to leave the technicians alone and to give them plenty of space. Many homeowners will prefer leaving the home until the duct cleaning service is complete. Or, they will stay in another room until the job is done. Be sure to advise the rest of your household members to provide as much space as possible for the technicians as well.

If you need to converse with the technicians, you should be mindful of how far away you are standing. According to the EPA, you should “Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and others. COVID-19 spreads more easily between people who are closer together. Wearing a mask does not replace the need to practice social distancing.”

#2. Sanitize All Surfaces Before and After

To prevent the spread of any bacteria or virus, you should also highly consider sanitizing all surfaces. You should sanitize before they arrive and once more after the technicians have left. Sanitizing everything is not only respectful to your family members, but it is also respectful to the professionals as well. It is recommended that you sanitize all surfaces using some type of alcohol-based wipes. Make sure that the wipes are able to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens. 

If you’re not sure what needs to be sanitized, you should always contact Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning ahead of time. They may be able to give you a better idea of the rooms that they will be in and the necessary type of sanitation.

#3. Provide a Designated Washroom to the Professionals

It’s important that the air duct technicians have a place to clean themselves and use the restroom. You can always designate a restroom for these professionals. Make sure that the washroom has enough sanitary supplies, like alcohol-based wipes and soap. Also, inform everybody else in the household that the restroom has been specified for the professionals only.

Don’t avoid cleaning your ducts just because you are concerned about COVID-19. It’s important that you get the ducts cleaned regularly in order to protect your HVAC system and ensure that it operates efficiently. If you are looking for duct cleaning services in Haslett, Okemos, East Lansing, Williamston, DeWitt, St. Johns, Laingsburg, Perry, Mason, Holt, Eaton Rapids, Dimondale, Lansing, or Grand Ledge, MI consider calling Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning.