Need Air Duct Cleaning in Dimondale MI?

need air duct cleaning in Dimondale mi

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Are You Looking for a Company to Clean your Air Ducts?

Having to dust daily? Is your allergies flaring up every time your furnace or central air kicks on? Is there an old musty smell in the air of your home? These may be a few reason to why you’re looking to have your air ducts cleaned. More often than not, when a home is first built, a good air duct cleaning is necessary. On the other hand, overtime an HVAC system accumulates a significant amount of dust, debris, and more. Need Air Duct Cleaning in Dimondale MI? Call Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning (517) 885-3000 or fill out the contact for below for a free quote today.

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We Want the Best Price & Best Cleaning?

Like most people, we go right to the internet, and perform a search. In addition, we start calling around for estimates trying to find the best price. There are multiple factors that should determine the cost of an air duct cleaning. Although price is important, more importantly is is having your HVAC system cleaned correctly because what is the point if not. Here is a lift of a few questions you should be asking:

  1. Is your company insured?

  2. What method do you use to clean air ducts?

  3. What is your process?

  4. What equipment will you be using to perform the air duct cleaning?

It’s easy to get stuck on price and what we can afford or the budget we’ve set aside for the duct cleaning. A Professional duct cleaner near Dimondale, MI should answer these questions as follows:

  1. Yes, would you like me to send a copy.

  2. We use the “push-pull” method.

  3. We shut off the system, we protect your furnace, cover all the ducts, cut an 8-10 inch hole to apply the negative air. (In short)

  4. We use a high powered air duct cleaning machine (at least 4,000 cfm) and a high powered gas air compressor (30 gallon, 175psi, 27 cfm).

need air duct cleaning in Dimondale mi

Are You Looking to get Rid of the Dust in Your Home?

You may be looking at this before and after picture saying, “it wasn’t that dirty!” Well, we wouldn’t disagree with you, we’ve definitely seen dirtier air lines, but it’s clean now. To be honest and totally transparent, about 60% of the dust in your home is in your air ducts and the other 40% is existing indoor air just moving from one spot to another.

Who should you hire to clean your ducts?

Ultimately, who you hire for an air duct cleaning is up to you! Just remember, not every company has the same equipment, uses the same process, or applies the same method. Need Air Duct Cleaning in Dimondale MI? We recommend you do some research, find a company who can answer the questions above, and one that doesn’t use scare tactics.

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