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vent cleaners in DeWitt MI

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It’s more than just Vent Cleaning!

Quite a few people search “Vent Cleaners near me” in search engines like Google. One may not know, but air duct cleaning is more than just cleaning vents. Although, there are duct cleaning companies out there that will JUST clean your vents if you want them too!

Fortunately, we are not one of those duct cleaners. Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning comes prepared with powerful equipment to clean all of the ductwork and more! You maybe be asking, “What more do you clean?” We are so glad you asked because it ALL MATTERS!

A Real Duct Cleaner!

First, let‘s us emphasize the importance of protecting your furnace. We cut a hole above the plenum, so we can place a cushion and memory foam over the a-coil or burners. The objective is not to have your blower spinning backwards and most importantly it prevents any of the debris from falling in places that can’t be reached. Furthermore, protecting your furnace eliminates possible damages.

Secondly, you have to think about what the vents are connected to, intake pans, main trunk lines, and what those are connected to. Ultimately, it leads back to the furnace and the furnace is made up of many components. The HVAC system pushes and pulls, intake side pulls, and air side pushes. In the middle, very close to the furnace is the filter and next to the filter is the blower. Whatever bypasses the filter goes in the blower being pushed up to the a-coil and some through.

Lastly, a Professional Air Duct Cleaning will consist of cleaning every source inside of the HVAC system where dust and debris are. This means the a-coil being vacuumed, a-coil tray, blower, heat exchangers, fan, fan filter, motor and includes using compressed air to do so. If your looking for vent cleaners near DeWitt MI call (517) 885-3000 for a free estimate.

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vent cleaners near DeWitt MI

Before & After of Air Line

Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning Way!

Most vent cleaners near DeWitt MI just “air wash” air lines. Here at Amber’s we take whips down the air lines also. Nonetheless, “air washing” is just using compressed air, with a forward skipper ball, and pushing the debris down to the trunk line. Before pushing the debris down the air line, we take a whip down the air line first to breakup the coated dust. 

Don’t waste your Money!

Money doesn’t grow on trees for most people. So, why get half your HVAC system cleaned, because it cost a little less? Our question to you is, “what are you tryin to accomplish?” We believe you’re looking to see an improvement with less dust, less allergic reactions, or a scent to be eliminated. That won’t happen if a duct cleaning service is just cleaning the vents. 

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