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air duct cleaners near me in East Lansing MI

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The Right Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Makes The Difference!

To began with, having the right air duct cleaning equipment is vital for an effective clean. Applying a powerful negative suction, puling on each side of the HVAC system while using a powerful positive air to push/break loose contaminants with agitation tools. In almost every industry there are standards and it’s no different in the air duct industry. Call (517) 885-3000 your Local Air Duct Cleaners near me in East Lansing MI.

To point out, an air duct cleaning machine must be able to generate at least 4,000 cfm of negative air suction to collect the contaminants that are broken up, if not, it can cause more harm than good. Furthermore, a gas powered air compressor that delivers at least 175psi is needed to be able to provide the power to constantly push and agitate.

Notice how we specifically describe the air compressor to be gas powered. There are variables to consider when it comes to an air compressor, like cfm. In particular, what it means, is Cubic Feet per Minute, but it’s purpose is how fast it fills the air compressor tank. Unlike an electric compressor, gas compressors can fill up to 5-10x times faster than an electric. Who doesn’t like consistency and power? What this means, is you don’t have to wait 5-10 minutes for the tank to fill at it’s full capacity. As a matter of fact, if it’s a good quality gas compressor it could take less than a minute.

Equally important, is the negative air suction. There’s no reason to push or break loose contaminants if they’re not collected. Not to mention, if it’s not collected when the HVAC system is turned back on, you’ll be breathing the contaminants that didn’t get collected. 4,000 cfm minimum is required, bigger the home, more cfm is needed. These standards come from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

air duct cleaners near me in East Lansing MI

How Much Does it Cost for an Air Duct Cleaning

The cost difference is significant from a different air duct cleaning method, but so is the difference between a correctly cleaned HVAC system than not! However, you don’t have to pay the most to get the best clean! Call (517) 885-3000 your Local Air Duct Cleaners near me in East Lansing MI.

A few questions to ask when searching for a reputable air duct cleaning company:

  • What method do you use?

  • What’s the specs on the equipment that will be used? 

  • What all do you clean?

  • Are there any hidden charges?

  • How do you clean it?

Equally important is the price, but you don’t want to compromise the quality of correctly cleaning your HVAC system with the cost. The goal, reason why your paying to have your air ducts cleaned is to get them cleaned. Nonetheless, a vast majority of people who inquire or even have hired to get their HVAC system cleaned have no idea if it’s going to be or was cleaned correctly.

A few ways to believe your HVAC system was cleaned correctly:

  • They spent 2.5+ hours cleaning.

  • Before and after pictures are provided.

  • Time is spent upstairs and downstairs cleaning.

  • Your system is shut off while the cleaning is taking place. 

  • You see a large air duct cleaning machine.

  • A gas powered air compressor is being used. 

  • Agitation tools are being used.

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