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What’s in your air lines? 

First, whatever is in your air lines is exactly what you’re breathing in. It’s contaminants & objects that have bypassed the filter or have fell into the air lines. In either case, this is the air that’s circulating throughout homes. Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning are your local duct cleaners near me in DeWitt MI. 

Second, just looking at the before and after pictures do you think this will make a difference in the air quality in a house? One could only assume what’s lingering in that pile in the before picture. Furthermore, there are objects that contain VOC’s and release tiny gas bubbles into the air after it reaches a certain temperature of heat. 

Lastly, air lines are connected to the air distribution trunk line. So, it’s not only vital that each individual air line is cleaned, but the trunk line too. The only correct way to clean an HVAC system is using the “Push-pull” method. You may be asking, “what’s the push-pull method,” applying a strong negative air to the air distribution side & the intake side of the HVAC system. Also, using a gas air compressor to agitate and push all the objects/contaminants down to our air duct cleaning machine.

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duct cleaners near me in DeWitt mi

Why is my house so dusty?

Let’s start with the top two pictures, these are intake trunk lines and it recycles a homes indoor air. We like to call them collection points, but with the air pulling, it eventually makes it way to the furnace filter. At that point, the furnace filter stops 70-90% of debris/contaminants from crossing over to the air distribution side of the HVAC system. Per the reason, why a system only needs to be cleaned every 3-7 years. It’s expected for the intake side of the system to be dirty.

Nevertheless, the bottom two pictures are of the air distribution side of the HVAC system. Honestly, from looking at the intake trunk line compared to air distribution trunk line one may say, “it’s not that bad.” Well, just take a look at the after picture and now you can see what was removed. The air distribution trunk line is a build-up of microscopic contaminants, fine particles that make it past the filter. It’s not uncommon to find large debris in the supply side of the system

duct cleaners near me in DeWitt MI

A Blower pulls & pushes

The blower is what pulls from the intake side and pushes air into the supply side. We like to refer to this as the blower compartment. As you can see, it’s dirty, and a lot has made it past the filter. In the top corner of both pictures you can get an idea, this is where the furnace filter is placed. On the positive side, let’s just keep our eyes on the cleaned side.

In conclusion, air duct cleaning is not just cleaning the air ducts, but where and how thy get/got contaminated. Remember, Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning are your local Duct Cleaners near me in Dewitt MI.

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