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Your Home!

Notably, the biggest investment we often make in our lives financially, is our house, but even more into the ones who we love dearly that reside making it a home. In addition, countless hours are spent cleaning, decorating, improving (renovation) and, making memories in these homes.

On the other hand, indoor air is not visible and its quality is hidden in the HVAC system. Studies have shown, families spend a large portion of their time indoors, indoor air quality is 2-5x dirtier than outdoor air and, up to 77x dirtier! Call Amber’s air duct cleaning in East Lansing MI (517) 885-3000 or fill out the contact form below for a FREE estimate.

Any information provided will not be sold or used.
Any information provided will not be sold or used.

What’s the Most Common Contaminant in a Home?

As a matter of fact, the most common contaminants are Biological. Air born Biological contaminants include bacteria, viruses, animal dander, cat saliva, house dust, mites, cockroaches, and, pollen. As an illustration, the picture above was taken at an actual air duct cleaning in East Lansing MI. 

Symptoms caused by biological pollutants include:

  • sneezing

  • watery eyes

  • coughing

  • shortness of breath

  • dizziness

  • lethargy

  • fever

  • and digestive problems

To summarize, a house can be beautiful, indoors may be decorated to magnify this beauty, but internally it may contain harmful contaminants in the air. 

Amber's Air Duct Cleaning in East Lansing MI

Out of Sight, out of Mind!

For instance, we don’t think about air, because it’s not something that is seen, but it keeps us alive. However, walking through your home with your mouth open, you may catch some good ole pet dander that was floating around in the air, that’s circulating through the air ducts. Whether you have a furry family member or not, this can still happen!

In particular, cold air returns/intake ducts are most commonly found on a wall with a vent to cover them. Similarly, heat registers are most commonly found lower on the wall or on the floor with a vent to cover them. Nonetheless, the “branches” that come off the trunk line, what connects the heat/cold, that runs off the main trunk line are hidden in the walls leading down to the furnace. This is also known as the “duct work.” 

Because the duct work is hidden and has a vent over it, it’s not something we pay attention to, but we should. We should pay attention for the purpose of, not only our health, but for our loved ones health. Especially, children and the elderly that have health issues such as: allergies or asthma.

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