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Indoor Air Quality

What is a home without quality air? As consumers, we look to obtain water, food, and other necessities in the best quality possible; so what about indoor air? Air quality is just as much of a necessity as water and food, but what is it? Indoor air quality is simply the standard of cleanliness of oxygen within the walls of any building. Call (517) 885-3000 to improve indoor air quality in Williamston MI.

Any information provided will not be sold or used.
Any information provided will not be sold or used.

There are a range of different pollutants to exist in the atmosphere outdoors, but what we don’t realize is that the pollutants indoors are more present than we believe! According to the Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air; 2 to 5 times more to be precise. Fortunately, there are various ways to indicate the state of your home’s indoor air quality. Here, are some common indicators:

  • Shortness of breath

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Allergies being overly sensitive

  • Sinus congestion

  • Excessive coughing and sneezing

  • Dizziness

  • Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin

In addition to preventing the indicators listed above, air quality can be significantly vital to averting from causing more extreme health issues or even contributing to existing ones such as asthma, respiratory issues, and allergies. Pollutants such as:

  • Bacteria and viruses

  • Building and paint products

  • Carpets

  • Cleaning supplies and household chemicals

  • Cockroaches

  • Dust mites and dust

  • Lead

  • Mold

  • Pet dander

  • Residential wood burning

  • Secondhand smoke

Are all possible contributors to existing and feasible health issues.

What can YOU do?

So how can you reduce the amount of indoor pollutants to increase the quality of your home’s air? Unfortunately, indoor air is trickier to purify than water from a tap sink, but there are some minimal actions to increase indoor air quality. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, useful ways to improve the state of your home’s air would be to increase the flow of fresh air by opening windows, changing your furnace’s air filter on a monthly basis, and even adding some air purifying plants to your home; all of which are functional methods, but there is additionally one ultimate way to effectively ensure long lasting clean air. Call (517) 885-3000 Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning in Williamston MI. 


Scheduling professional air duct cleaning appointments can be indispensable for not only the health of your home but the health of your family. Air duct cleaning is nearly the most effective way to provide the cleanest air flow and restrict the amount of pollutants to wander indoor atmospheres. For the sake of cleaner air, Amber’s Air Duct Cleaning in Williamston MI recognizes the need and is here to be of service for the health of not only everyone’s home, but their families and essentially provide a healthier lifestyle to all who spend time indoors.

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